Rear Brake Module Part Set, Composite

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ARRMA #ARA311115
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This high-quality Rear Brake Module Composite Part Set is manufactured from tough composite material that will provide long-lasting durability for your ARRMA vehicle


  • Tough composite material for hard-wearing performance
  • Precision manufactured parts for ease of maintenance
  • 23, 24 and 25 tooth servo horns included to suit all industry standard servos
  • Spare parts for #ARA311114


1 x 23T Servo Horn

1 x 24T Servo Horn

1 x 25T Servo Horn

1 x Brake Module Lower Mount

1 x Brake Module Servo Mount

1 x Brake Module Top Plate

2 x Wire Guide

1 x Linkage Pivot

1 x Hingepin Brace Spacer

2 x Servo Spacer

1 x Linkage Yoke


Spare parts for #ARA311114

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