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At ARRMA we don’t just make cars, we design them. Everyone who works at ARRMA loves RC cars. We’ve grown-up bashing, crashing and racing RC cars, so we know what it takes to create a tough, fast and fun RC car.

Using the latest computer technology, we carefully design each component to make sure that ARRMA cars not only look good, but they are as durable as they can be. We test each individual component to make sure it fits perfectly, and is strong enough to take real-world punishment from real-world RC fans. All of our cars undergo strenuous resilience and endurance tests, and only when we are 100% satisfied that each component on every car, and every car as a whole unit, is as good as we can make it, do we allow it to be sold. ARRMA cars are designed to be tough.

Speed is exhilarating, and we know that fast RC cars are fun RC cars. We also know that the chassis and suspension must be carefully designed to handle the power of some of the wildest LiPo and brushless systems. ARRMA cars can handle the most radical power systems available for RC cars; ARRMA cars have been designed to be fast.